Saturday, August 07, 2004

Friday Night

Yes, it's Friday! Woo! I'm being annoyed at my webserver again at the moment, it's very very slow. Although I am uploading lots of stuff, so I suppose it's a bit my fault. Hmm. I'm off to J's tonight to watch the Big Brother final. I'm not really bothered who wins, but it's usually an interesting spectacle. I'm usually dissapointed with the winner, so I expect it to be Jason or Shell, my two least faves. It's not that I dislike them. Shell is just a silly way of abbreviating Michelle. I mean, at least use a C! Oh well, who am I to talk with a "Z" in my nickname (sometimes)... So, this weekend I plan to: 1. give proof that I live where I do to the estate agent 2. wander round New Look, despair, buy something anyway 3. pay my council tax, late, again. 4. go to the gym (yes we've quit but we can't stop being members for 2 more months) 5. buy the Snow Patrol album for Leon, and possibly the Rasmus album too 6. sleep. Lots. 7. Write more Blog, oh yes! 8. Finish uploading my webpage so I can get on with sorting out the mess that is the old bit! 9. Buy a bed 10. Order an Ikea catalogue

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Sarum said...

Ooh, pink!