Wednesday, August 11, 2004


So, flooded again in York. I didn't really expect it to flood in August I must say. Still, it's interesting to see. The river's been going quite quickly, and there's stuff in it, like branches and small logs! There's more rain forecast for tonight, and so I expect that the river will keep rising. I have no idea whether it will het higher than it did in February this year. I have a cool article from my parent's newspaper of the building my flat is in with my flat being at water level almost! It's more exciting than scary this time, but the first time was a touch on the worrying side! Still, they're used to flooding here, so the York-people take it in their stride! The King's Arms (On the opposite side of the river from my flat, famous for being flooded) is still open despite the water! It's cool really. I like the river, even when it's all brown and stuff. I wonder if the river back home is flooded too? The Trent rarely goes over into the town now, although Morton was flooded in 2002 because the defences there weren't as good. I think that they upgraded them after that though. Anyway, floods and such. Interesting. I could probably go on for hours about whether global warming is happening or not, but I won't coz it would be boring! Have a good evening all, and don't get your feet wet!

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Bertie said...

One cool thing is indside the kings arm it has a plaque with the water level at different flooding times.
Also I have been sat in the kings arm when the floods have been up, water over the windowsill, and seen a dead sheep float down the river, legs in the air.