Tuesday, August 10, 2004


What's wrong with our leaders? Why do they fight? Is it for them to say which system is right? This leader is a tyrant He's scary and bold He thinks so little of those men, dead, now cold So many have died, It's plain to see The leader in the wrong here is George.W.B. Could Tony have stopped him? He at least could have tried, Now it's too late for The many who've died We are all guilty of saying but naught and we should be saddened and take them to court Children are dying Our world is in shreds We can trust just no-one Not the police or the Feds America is leading us To where I daren't ask But I can see this We haven't learnt from the past Can they not see Death has no place In living as we should As a civillised race We have this in common If you prick us we bleed nothing can change it so ignore the other's creed When you look at Mandela Or at Churchill or a king Do you see a great leader Or the colour of their skin? Liberating Iraquis? Freeing their souls? But no, they're not free now fear in heart and home Just another tyrant now holds their reins And scared as they are now it's not going to change People of America! England and Spain! be ashamed of your leaders Stop death in our name War is not needed It must now be true I couldn't kill an innocent Now think, could you?

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Sarum said...

Its a question you can't answer until you're stood there holding the gun I think.

Could I kill in cold blood? I very much hope I couldn't.
Could I kill in self-defence? I'd like to think I'd take an alternative route if one was available.
If one wasn't? I'm not sure... I think I'd probably do what needed to be done.

Pacifism is a great ideal, but I don't think its true that there is absolutely always an alternative to violence, as distasteful as it is.

A friend of mine once said if he was faced with someone who wanted to kill him, he would rather die than attack the person. I think I'd at least try.