Monday, August 16, 2004

Fringes, Lenses and such.

I've spent this weekend (Friday to Monday) in Edinburgh. We went to see "Garden of Fools" which was a play with L's brother in it. It was very good. Quite humorous in places, and also thought-provoking. We saw a few other things too, all comedies I believe. We also went to see something called a "camera obscura" which is a big lens thingy that you can use to spy on people all over the city, but also to have a tour of all of Edinburgh in 15 minutes! We also visited the recently departed J in her new flat. It's a nice flat, in a smashing sea-side location with stunning sea-views. J's settling in, although I think she could probably be enjoying work a little more. Well, I'm off to watch 50 ways to look great naked! Nighty night!

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