Sunday, August 08, 2004

The joys of moving

So, this morning I dragged myself (well, L coaxed me) out of bed for my tea, and then frenzied (!!) tidying of the flat for the arrival of the landlord, coming to check out a sporadic leak we have in the bathroom. At just after 10am the landlord called to say he wouldn't be coming til tomorrow. Fab. Managed to get to the estate agents to prove that I live here (using my payslip!) and even went to Subway again. Subway, yes. They didn't cut the bread right again. They didn't have the chicken tikka that I wanted. They didn't have the bread that I wanted. The sauce girl was stingey and the person cutting the sandwich split it into a 4 and an 8 inch sandwich - not helpful if you're sharing with someone. The cookies were excellent though! IKEA! L sugested that we looked on the IKEA website and tried to order a catalogue. apparantly we'd have to pay to have a catalogue delivered, so we decided to look online. In the near future I want to buy a bed, some shelving, some clothes storage and possibly some other stuff. All we found in IKEA was a £2.50 lamp we quite liked. Oh and a plate. Otherwise, not much to report. Been a fairly uneventful day. Nothing has particularly ticked me off - yet.

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Chip said...

Having also tried Subway today, I'm thinking of leaving it a few weeks till they work their kinks out. And till there isn't a queue of 25 people out the door and down nearly as far as the door to The Grapes.

Good sandwich though!