Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Diet? What diet?

On the diet front, the weekend has been a bit of a disaster. Starting with pizza at my parents’ house on Thursday and rampaging through cakes and cookies to a three course wedding meal (very nice though) and ending in my putting back on two of the three pounds I thought I had lost.

Otherwise it was a thoroughly pleasant weekend. We took it easy, I did quite a bit of knitting, the wedding was lovely and the dancing was not too strenuous.

Having a day off was quite nice, although it’s never long enough! Even though it was a bank holiday which made it a four day weekend, I was still loathe to come back to work!

So, I’ve cast on and completed two squares for the sudoku blanket, and almost completed a third. I started on pattern three because one and two were a bit complicated. I think that it should be possible to complete one square per evening, but as I also have socks on the go, and have other commitments some evenings, I will not complete the blanket in 81 days. (Gosh! It’s just dawned on me the vastness of this project!) So, I aim to complete all of the pattern three squares before I move on to the other patterns. Pattern three seems to be a very good starter square because the eight-row repeat is about an inch and a half high, so for an eight inch square you need six rows. I’m not entirely happy with my cast off edge; I am wondering whether I should be casting off knit-wise instead of purl-wise. Still, as long as I do all nine squares the same it should be fine.
The socks are still going. I haven’t done anything on them over the weekend despite taking them with me. I will have to train myself to knit in the car without feeling car sick. I’d have got an extra six hours of knitting in then. Well, except for when I was directing us.

My dress for the wedding was a success. It went pretty well with the shoes and looked very posh with my fur-collared cardi. Leon wore his light coloured suit, and looked very nice. He took some photos at the wedding, which he might put online soon. I don’t think he took any pictures of me (but I wasn’t the main attraction) so you’ll have to wait until I find another occasion to wear it (like the barbeque at the weekend?)
I didn’t have my legs shaved or waxed on the day, and that didn’t seem to be a problem (you could hardly tell, and nobody was looking) although I am not due to go back for another three weeks. I don’t know if it’ll throw out my plans if I go sooner. It is meant to last for 4-6 weeks, and it’s only been three, almost four. And it’s expensive, but worth it I think.

I am driving again tonight. Not long until my test now. I had a pretty good drive last weekend; I hope that today’s is good too. If I don’t manage to pass, it could be after my holiday to Florida before I get another chance. That would suck. I just have to not do anything stupid. All the things I failed on before were stupid. I have to remember to do more observations and make them useful. Looking is good but seeing is necessary. I don’t want to chat too much. I don’t mind going on the A64, but I’d rather not go on at the nasty roundabout. They are both nasty though, actually. I know that I haven’t been out for a drive with any of my friends or colleagues. This is not because I don’t think they helped Leon, I’m sure that they did in fact. I just can’t face asking them, and because I have a horrible desire to do this on my own, in my own way which may be my downfall. My instructor has been fantastic so far though. He’s sensible and is teaching me to drive, not just to pass the driving test. I’ve been watching Leon’s driving too, mostly to see things and not to criticise.
Can you tell that I'm worried about this? I promise to let people know how it goes when it happens. If it’s good news it’s likely to get out faster than if it’s not.
If I write any more I'm likely to give away too much and people will guess when it is and then I’ll feel pressured.

Coming soon – the PTH (Pub Treasure Hunt) is on Thursday. The theme is periods of history. We’re going as Dick Turpin and his gang. Leon’s picking up the costume bits tonight, and then I have to decide whether I need anything else. I’m thinking about making a capelet, if I have enough material.
I did forget to pay our entry fee last week though. We’ll probably lose points for that! They didn’t remind me to pay up though! I have now paid, should be starting at 17:10 – venue yet to be confirmed!

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