Thursday, May 03, 2007

Undressed Voting

Today has been manic so far, and isn’t set to get any better!

Last night I packed my gym kit as well as packing for the long weekend so we can go directly there. So we jumped into the car, drove to the gym, worked out for an hour and then went to get changed. I showered and then once I was dry started to get my clothes out of my bag:
Clean socks – check
Clean knickers – check
Trousers for work – check
Shrug – check
T-shirt… T-shirt… oh dear.
So, I dressed in what I had (the shrug doesn’t leave much to the imagination) and dried my hair, put on a little makeup and then waited for Leon in the lobby of the gym. We discussed the situation and decided that the best solution was for Leon to drive me back home and for me to get my t-shirt and then for us both to walk in to work.

Anyway, that disaster averted, I’ve got a big stack of work to do at work, including lots of chasing of other people.
Anyway, I’m then going to go home, hopefully a bit earlier than usual, to clean out my hamsters and feed and water them. Then I’m off to vote*. Hopefully I’ll have had time to stick some things in the car ready to go. Once we’ve both got home, voted and been to the loo, we’ll be off to Gainsborough (via a petrol station), hopefully in time to go get some grub.

* I have no idea who to vote for. I’m not even sure what my choices are. Having looked on the council web page, I have a choice between three Labour candidates, three Conservative candidates, three Liberal Democrat candidates, one Green candidate and one BNP candidate.
So, I will not vote for the BNP. That’s an easy one. There are too many radical elements in the BNP.
I have no idea what the Conservatives or Greens hope to do in my ward as I haven’t seen any pamphlets or anything.
The Lib Dems have sent me information telling me how awful it would be under Labour, and that they might want more recycling. However, these same councillors (whom we have presently) seem to want to build flats out the back of my house.
Labour have sent me information telling me how awful it is under the Lib Dems and that they would be much nicer and give me not only more recycling, but better everything! – oh and that the Conservatives have no chance.
So I have to vote for three candidates** for the three seats, and then hope that they don’t build flats and do improve the recycling.

** Why do I have to vote for three candidates? Surely it would be fairer if everyone voted for one candidate and the top three got in. It already feels like my vote is unlikely to count, and in any case I don’t think that these candidates stand for what I want. Politics sucks. I’ll still vote though, because I am obliged to – no vote no voice. People fight (and die) in other countries, and did in this one, in order to be able to vote. I can’t throw that away, I just wish I knew more about it. more information would be better.

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