Thursday, May 24, 2007

too much

I’m not finding it easy to stick to healthy eating. I may have a low-fat cottage cheese and salad wrap for my lunch, but I then have a galaxy chocolate bar. Poo. All my good work un-done. So I have a big number of extra calories to burn off. We are off to the gym tomorrow though. Yesterday’s gym session was to burn off the pizza we had on Tuesday night. Shocking I know. It’s remembering to get something out of the freezer the night before – I almost never remember, and Leon, though he remembers a lot more than I do, sometimes forgets. Then, if I’m having a rubbish day, I don’t want to cook so I order takeaway of some kind. Still, it could be worse! Tonight we have also forgotton to get anything out. Looks like I might be making some kind of pasta bake. I was considering doing a gratin of sorts, with aubergine, courgette, possibly carrots, tomatoes (tinned) and tuna. Does that sound horrible?

I didn’t get much knitting done last night. I only managed a couple of rounds on my sock. I did have a go at some small blanket squares to donate to the SCBU but I couldn’t get the increases to work (I want to knit from the corner). I’m also a little dissatisfied with the sock pattern I am using. I don’t like the way the heel works on these, though it looks like a common way to work the heel. Maybe it will look better when it is completed.

I also had another look at the sox on 2 stix pattern from knitty. I don’t know why mine didn’t work! Perhaps my DK yarn was thicker than intended, or maybe my needles were not the right size. Either way, it didn’t work out like the ones on the knitty website! Perhaps I should have done a swatch to see if my gauge was 20 sts / 28 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch. I am willing to bet that it wasn’t! That would make it difficult, hmm? Anyway, it’s supposed to be knitted in DK, so it should work up a bit faster than the ones I’m doing now.

There are so many knitting projects that I want to do though! It’s madness really! I want to do the zig-zag bag in the May issue of simply knitting. I also want to do at least two of the tops from the June issue of simply knitting (which I got a whole week early due to being a subscriber!) and I’m knitting the sudoku throw. There’s also all the preemie things I want to knit for the SCBU, and I love the fetching fingerless gloves from knitty! And I imagine that there will be a vast number of new patterns that catch my eye over the coming months. Mum did also ask about me knitting her a shrug like mine - though how much time that might take is anyone’s guess. I’m not sure about having an identical one, perhaps I can find some nice wool in a different colourway to do one for Mum in.

Of course, buying yarn (or wool, I try to say yarn because that covers all the cotton and ribbon yarns as well) on ebay is a bit tricky when I don’t have access to the internet at home because I don’t have a computer. I am hoping to sort that out very soon, and then I’ll have a shiny new PC that I can surf ebay and play Civ4 on! (bang goes my knitting time for a while, though I could probably knit and play Civ4.)
Even as I type, I have just spotted the perdita cuff pattern on knitty which I think is lush! And I have lots of ideas of who I could give them to!

Oh well, it’s a bank holiday weekend from tomorrow evening (Friday) and so that’s lots of tidying for me. We’re going to operate a reward system, where if we actually tidy the house we can go out on Saturday to the movies!

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