Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What am I going on about?

Having had a look at This post on Lint’s blog I wondered what the top 10 things I post about are.
As of 23rd May 2007, the things I have posted most about are:

1 knitting and crafts (32)
2 health and fitness (24)
3 driving (18)
4 Friends and Family (15)
5 Holiday (13)
6 Celebrations (11)
7 Ranting (10)
8= General (7)
8= Work (7)
10 Achievements and Resolutions (5)

I’m happier with that list than I thought I’d be. I blog most about what’s happening to me in my life. I think that work didn’t aught to be in this list, and I’ll try to talk less about work. I’m also not surprised that knitting and crafts is way up there, since I mention it in most posts. I may try this again on my blogoversary (see counter in the blogroll)

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