Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dressed Up

I have realised that I haven’t mentioned my new dresses! On Monday before Pilates I went to New Look to look for a dress for the wedding at the weekend. I was hoping to get a dress that I had tried on in town (we have three New Look stores here) but this New Look only had one of those and it was two sizes too big. So, I had to find a different dress. I picked up two dresses (and some shoes to try on with the dresses) and headed off to the changing rooms. I tried both on, and liked them both! I also showed them to Leon, and he said that he liked them both too. While I don’t normally buy clothes at full price, these dresses are fab!
One of them is a short-ish green and pink flowery patterned dress; it has a fairly high waist with a ribbon belt and pockets (which I’ll never use!). it’s really pretty, and is exactly what I was looking for to wear on the plane for Florida over some trousers. Excellent!
The other is for the wedding. It can be worn strapless or with straps. It’s a really nice cut too, the waist is actually at my waist, and it’s an a-line skirt. It has a paisley pattern to it. It’s varying shades of pink and white with a sort of spotty hem around the bottom and top. I was going to wear my newly finished shrug with it, but it was too busy! So, I’m going to be wearing my white angora cardigan with the furry collar instead. Sadly I don’t have a bag that goes with this ensemble so I’ll have to rely on Leon for cash. I will be wearing my gold shoes with it. I realise that sounds ghastly, but they’re more shiny beige than gold, quite sedate really. There’ll probably be pictures on Flickr soon enough.

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