Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mostly knitting

I heard back from the local SCBU (Special Care Baby Unit) today. The nice lady who works there told me that they’d love to receive some hand knitted garments, and that they especially like to get hats, cardigans and blankets. Excellent! I have a pattern for a cardigan that I downloaded from Bliss’ (the charity) website and now I also have a pattern for a blanket square. Small squares for a small blanket would be nice, although I bet they take just as long as the big ones for my big throw. I will make a small cardigan though, and see how that looks. Everything looks sweet in small sizes! I found some nice patterns here.

We went to pilates again last night. I quite enjoyed it again, though I think Leon’s not so keen. It’s quite hard work, and I feel like I did a mega workout last night, not some stretching. (reminds me of the yellow pages ad “a bunch of ladies in leotards going ‘om’ – how hard can it be?”)I have a couple of pledges for the race for life that mean I have to get round in less time than before. I guess I’d better get into some proper training! We have found quite a nice route to run, over on Clifton Ings. We’re not sure on the distance, but it’s probably about right. I would join some of my friends’ running sessions, but perhaps not yet.

Tonight I’m looking forwards to a nice quiet night. CSI is on, so I can sit back, watch CSI and knit. I’m presently working mostly on my sock. I only managed a couple of rounds last night after pilates, but that’s okay. I’m also mid-way through one of the squares for the sudoku blanket. I think I may finish that before it gets cold again (proper cold I mean, not this miserable weather we’re having now)
Now that I have heard from the SCBU I may begin a premature baby garment too. The hat and booties were fun and so quick to do. I wonder whether the blue yarn I have will be suitable for these patterns. I may need to invest in a couple more stitch counters though, if I’m to have more than two projects on the go at once!

This site is quite interesting too.

Nothing more for now: it’s a slow news day.

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Ellie said...

Hi Tsuki - Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I have done the same for you. I am also lokign forward to an evening with CSI!