Friday, May 25, 2007


So the new PC is ordered, after much faffing about last night (the website for Dell wouldn't work from work, but it might be blocked. What a pain!) Anyway - Woo! Leon’s staying home to set it up on the day we get it (which might be the first, when I’m working shifts anyway) so I’ll be able to play with it later in the week without having to mess around with setting it up – it’s ideal!

I also booked our overnight stay in the Hilton in Manchester for the night before our holiday. I’ve booked dinner, bed and breakfast for a bargain price! Also there’s a pool and a gym, for that last minute workout and relax before the holiday. Unless the chlorine will affect my San Tropez tan I intend to have!

Oh well, pub tonight, then tidying and knitting for the weekend, and perhaps some driving. We’ll see.

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