Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another Knitting Update

So I went and cast on another project this week, the fingerless mittens I’ve been contemplating. They’re a pretty quick knit (I’ve made one already) as they’re just ribbed rectangles which get sewn up with a hole for the thumb. I might make another pair in different stuff if these go well, but I think I also might make a scarf out of whatever is left of the two. I think that a skinny-long scarf might be just the thing! I hope that I can get enough length out of the yarn I have left. I suspect that I’ll run out of the green first as it’s going down faster. It’s more of a suedette while the purple is kind of furry. It’s hard to describe!
I almost, but then didn’t, bought some cotton yarn in town at lunch. I was actually on a shopping expedition for non-yarn things for my secret pal. One of them I might have to keep for myself because it might be too heavy to sensibly post I really like it. We will see. I’m chuffed with the other bits though. I’m not going to run the risk of posting what I bought here!
I’ve been looking online at some nice ethical yarns, such as recycled sari silk, as well as some environmentally friendly ones, such as banana fibre – this uses the bits of the banana plant that would normally be thrown away. It fits the mantra that I would like to follow better:
Re-use, reduce, recycle.
Re-use is the safari silk, reduce is the banana – you’re reducing the waste product from bananas (which I eat), recycle is… I don’t have one of those yet, though I guess sari silk is that too. I think maybe re-use would be buying a second hand knitted garment. Ah, it’s confusing. The concept of nettle yarn intrigues me too
So, now I just have to think about some gift knitting I want to do, and more importantly: how much time I need to set aside for gift knitting rather than knitting for me. I hope that it is not as disastrous as the failed lace attempt I was doing before our holiday. Ho hum.

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