Friday, August 24, 2007

Quick Knitting Update!

Okay, I'm meant to be catching up on the holiday posts...

Truth is, I didn't do much crafting of any sort on holiday, I was way too busy having fun! I didn't want to take my knitting to a theme park for obvious reasons, so it tended to stay by the bed. I did a couple of rows on the cuff of the sock each night, but not much more.

On the Friday (you'll see why when the holiday post goes up) of the second week, I did get quite a bit of sock knitted (considering how slowly I knit if it's a lace pattern) - about 20 rows or more!

So, not much knitting to report, and not a bit of crochet at all. Boo.

However, I'm back in the saddle now, I've done another 10 rows of the sock since being back, and I'm already making eyes at a tank-top I saw in last month's simply knitting (I got this month's in the post already too, with a bunch more I want to knit!)

I need to get myself a nice folder to put all of the patterns I cut out of simply knitting in, then I could order them by which ones I want to make and which ones I might make one day. Those I want to make could go in order of weather, how much I like them, how hard they are (I might even try to go back to the *secret* lacy one I failed at) or something.

Then all I have to do is find the money for the yarn! No, I'm not too concerned about that.

I am also quite excited that I have bought the first part of my SP gift. I can't post anything about it though - I don't think my SP reads my blog, but they might!

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Anonymous said...

If you say which patterns from SK you would like to do and which yarn you like, you might just get some!!!