Thursday, August 23, 2007

Holiday Update Post – Day 3

In the morning of day 3, before we did fun holiday things, we had to go to breakfast to save some money. It turned out (unsurprisingly) to be a timeshare selling scheme. We looked round, it was nice. But not for us, it took 2.5 hours to get to “no” but we got there and saved our money (based on our hourly rates, we’re not sure we were better off…)

 Ripleys - Vampire Killing Kit Anyway, then we headed off to “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not”. The first thing of note is the building, which looks like it’s falling into a hole in the ground – fantastic! Anyway, they have loads of curiosities in there, from the world's smallest violin (seriously) to shrunken heads, to a giant chair! It was really fun and interesting! I’d recommend it to anyone who goes to Orlando – it’s not more than a few hours but it is fabulous.

Cocoa Beach - Shuttle Endeavour After Ripleys, I got to drive us all to the beach. We were heading to Cocoa Beach to see Endeavour launching. we had been told it was a good place to see the launch from. We could have been closer, but not for free! We ate at the beach but the waitress was very rude and the food was late. It was busy, fair enough, but I still expect a certain level of service and we didn’t get it. That minor annoyance aside, the beach was nice enough. There were less facilities than at New Smyrna but it was nice. And we took some nice pictures of the vapour trails!

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Your holiday looks fab so far! SP