Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Pack it in...

That’s what I’ve been doing! last night was officially “packing night”. I even recorded CSI:Miami so that I could concentrate on packing.
First, I weighed the two empty cases. The smaller one was just under 5kg, the larger one was a little bit over. That leaves me with 15kg per case (ish) to put my crap in neatly pack my beautiful clothes.
So, I got the pile of clothes, and underwear, and then began working through my list. I needed to sort out:
  • first aid kit, to include plasters, after-bite remedy, anti-histamines and indigestion tablets.
  • wash bag, to be accessible from the hotel, to include: decanted shampoo and conditioner (400ml is really heavy!) cleanser, cotton wool, shower gel, suncream, soap.
  • wash bag for Leon, same basics, plus toothpaste and out new toothbrushes. (his bag is bigger)
  • makeup bag, basics only
And then things like phone, camera and iPod chargers. (which reminds me…)

So, I got pretty grumpy with it all, but got there in the end after taking off a million tags! I’m going to go back to it tonight (maybe) and see what I can leave behind. I reckon I could get down to a bit lighter, but not much.
Anyway, the smaller case now weighs just shy of 15kg. I haven’t weighed the big one yet, but as it’s only half-full I would expect it to be less than that. We’ll see.
I might see about a taxi to the station though! There are too many stairs otherwise, though we’ll probably be on platform 11 and have to go up the stairs anyway! (the lifts in the station are scary.)

Also, the gas meter man is meant to have come today before 1pm (12 minutes ago) and Leon was going to call to let me know he had been. Either the man hasn’t been (grr) or Leon’s forgotten to call (grrr)

No knitting update, I’ve been packing.

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