Saturday, August 04, 2007

See Ya Later, Alligator!

This is likely to be my last post until we get back from Florida, at which time I will show you lots of interesting photos bore you to death with stuff from my holiday.

First things first, I have been blogging about SP11 and not really said what it is. SP11 is a secret pal swap for knitters and crocheters. Sadly signups have closed now, so if you wanted to join in you’ll have to wait until SP12. Well, the premise is that you have two Secret Pals.
One secret pal knows who you are, but you don’t know who they are – until the end. They send you a parcel (or parcels) of lovely knitting related things, and some unrelated. They find out what you like by looking at your blog.
The other secret pal doesn’t know who you are, but you know who they are. You send them a parcel (or parcels) of lovely knitting related things, and some unrelated. You find out about them from their blog.
As far as I’ve seen (from Knit and purl mama and Brit Knitter’s blogs) these are great fun and rewarding. There are always going to be people who drop out for whatever reason, and there’s even a plan in place for that.

I am a little worried that my pal-who-doesn’t-know-who-I-am might feel a bit forgotten while I’m away, but I’m also hoping that my hostess will let them know about it! I have told the hostesses, hopefully they’ll get back to me tonight before I go.

So, anyway. I’m off on my holiday tomorrow morning and in the absence of internet caf├ęs and the like, I’ll probably put nothing else on here until I’m back. I hope that you are all well, I’ll see those of you who I know in real life when I get back.

PS. To Lint, who said bye-bye on Friday: sorry I was weird, I was having one stressful last day at work!

Well, I’d better get off, we’re expecting our friends any time to collect Aston for his holiday too.

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