Friday, August 24, 2007

Holiday Update Post – Day 4-5

Day 4 – Busch Gardens and meet the Heaths, Day 5 – shopping and BBQ
So, day 4 was scheduled from way before we went to the US, it was Busch Gardens day. The entire family was to be there, which is:
  • Coldrons:
    • Kevin (dad)
    • Susan (mum)
    • Hayley
    • Leon (honorary Coldron)
    • Gayle
    • Paul (honorary Coldron)
  • Heaths
    • Libby (my aunt)
    • Joe
    • Shea
    • Jaeson (honorary Heath)
    • Chris
    • Dani
    • Jaxon
Busch Gardens Primate House - Silverback again So yes, en-masse! It was a really cool day. Leon and I did the whole zoo thing, while everyone else went on the scary rollercoasters. I don’t do rollercoasters, but I did go on Gwazi which was a boneshaker!
For me, though, the best bit of the day was seeing my cousins again, especially Jaxon who I didn’t know at all – he was a baby when I last saw him (well, not more than a year or so – but he was adorable).
Shea was as pretty (and crazy) as ever, she doesn’t do anything by halves.
Chris is basically a man now, if he were in the UK he’d probably already have moved out and have a job somewhere cool. I know he can do good things with himself, and he knows it too.
Dani is so grown up. She was only Jaxon’s age when I saw her last. She’s so pretty and so confident.
Then there’s Jaxon. The young man is such a sweetheart I wanted to bring him home and show everyone. He’s got a heart of gold but he’s also the strongest (physically) nine year old I’ve ever met – he almost managed to put me in the pool!
Libby and Joe were much the same as before. I get the feeling that they didn’t realise I’d grown up (I was only 17 when we last met, and boy am I different now!) but I am still me! I kept forgetting that Joe can’t tell when I’m winding him up, and I think he thought I was genuinely upset with him one night. there’s a big hug for ya Joe! I have loads of family history stuff to share with Libby – I think I may have some stuff that she doesn’t, so I’ll send it over. Also I don’t mind paying for certificates and she can have copies of those when we only get a scanner.
I should mention Jaeson. He’s Shea’s on/off (as far as I can tell) he seemed nice. He’s one of those people that you can’t imagine disliking, even if he says something controversial.
So, my family. I was so happy to see everyone again, I could have just sat and talked to them all and done nothing else. First night I was the designated driver, and we all know how much fun that is. The second night, the “kids” (16, 18 and 22!) were going out, so we didn’t see much of them.
I must mention my gift from my cousins, which is a beautiful mug – they didn’t know I collect mugs, but still managed to pick a perfect gift! Also, it’s a funky square mug (like the ones I chose for our dinner service) and is brown and blue – two colours I love together. (NB I love the “H” mug Gayle bought me the other Christmas too)

On the Saturday we did some shopping, played pool-volleyball (I was rubbish because I didn’t have my specs on [one day I’ll go ahead and accept that I need them all the time] and also because, as Dani put it, I’m lazy – harsh but fair.) and had a barbeque. We also met the “Guy across the road” – those who know us in real life should ask Leon about that.

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