Tuesday, January 29, 2008

February is for Finishing (starting in 3 days)

I’ve joined a new group on Ravelry. Normally I wouldn’t bother telling you about it, but there’s a good reason behind this group.
I’ve joined “February is for Finishing”.
Yes, I will not cast on, start crocheting, or even pick up my learn to spin kit, until I have finished what I’m currently working on, or so the plan goes.

Presently on the needles/hooks I have five yarn projects. (I also have a mini quilt I’m working on, but that’s outside of this I’ve decided)
  •  manly update 5 Manly – this is a sweater for the OH. I’m over half-way up the back, so only the rest of the back, the front, both arms, the sewing, the neck and the weaving in of ends to go…
  •  L sock 2 Not Fussy Socks – again for OH, these are socks using the Yarn Harlot’s Earl Grey pattern. I’m about half way down the leg on the first one of these. It’s a pretty easy pattern; I just need to get my sock mojo back on.
  •  Fetching in Progress Fetching for my sister. Should be a quick one, I’ve done the cuff on the first one.
  •  Slipper Inner Sole closeup Fluffy Bunnies for me. Slippers, lovely yarn, crochet so it’s quick. I’ve done both inner soles so far.
  •  Sudoku blanket Squares - Pattern 3 Sudoku Blanket. No, there’s no chance of me finishing this one, but I do want to finish all of the “pattern 3” squares (one more to do, in purple)
  • Dream Catcher Square… no, actually this is part of a crochet-along and so there’s going to be a February square for it. I plan to leave the February square until after I finish all the things already mentioned above. (Sorry, no pictures!)
I’ll let you know how “February is for Finishing” goes – after all there’s 29 whole days to February this year!


Liz said...

Finishing stuff in February sounds good to me. I might join too! I loe those Sudoku squares, they look like a lovely texture.

Craftydramaqueen said...

Thanks for your kind comments and the Make My Day award. Good luck with your February finishing project. Your progress bars widget are fab. All of your WiPs look really nice so far. xx

Dianne said...

That sounds like a really good idea! I might have to join you!