Tuesday, June 24, 2008


All has gone well on the Music with Sox In sock knitting front! I have successfully completed both socks in pattern. I even made some mistakes which I was able to fix. I am so pleased with myself! As I mentioned before, this is the first pattern that I have designed myself. I’m so pleased with how well it has turned out!
So, I plan to wash (they’re in with the wool load – my slippers and OH's socks, 30 degree wash, wool-wash liquid) the socks and block them tonight, then photograph them tomorrow for the pattern pdf I will be making. I’m probably going to make myself a pair too, but as I prefer my socks to be more snug, I will almost certainly adjust the pattern to be either less repeats or smaller needles or something.
And now I can cast on the second Jaywalker! Woo! Though I will probably take the sweater to knit night. It needs to be worked on. (Don’t even mention the other projects I have OTN, there’s only so much time in the day and I am forced to spend 7 hours of it in the office where I can’t knit because I am meant to be working.)

We’re thinking about getting a craft worktable to put in the second bedroom. It will mean getting rid of the sofabed that my parents gave to us, but since everyone refuses to sleep on it I don’t see that as such a hardship! We’ve seen some nice tables in Ikea (oh no!) which are adjustable in height. One of the main problems I have with using the sewing machine on the table is that it’s a bit low and so it makes my back ache. Other problems with using the sewing machine on the dining table are:
  • The table is oval, not good for square material cutting
  • We’d like to eat at the table, not easy when there’s a bunch of sewing stuff on there
  • Last time I ironed things on the dining table (don’t ask), I marked it (boo) and so now we need to polish it
  • When the dining room is in the “tidy and not in use” state, we fold the table down, so the sewing machine has to go away, so then it’s a rigmarole getting it out, setting it up, getting settled again
  • Accompanying the sewing machine is:
    1. A sewing box
    2. Book(s) on sewing
    3. A dressmaker’s dummy
    All of which could go into the second bedroom
  • The iron is upstairs (if you sew, you’ll understand)
So, we’re probably going to go to Ikea to buy this table set up. It’s not that expensive and it really does look useful. Maybe if I do that I will actually finish making all of the curtains we’re meant to have! (I’ve only managed the cream open-and-closeable curtains, the linings, nets and brown decorative curtains are all still waiting to be sewn. Shocking. And it shouldn’t take long, they are only rectangles! Grr.)

But first we have to buy a new print-head for our printer which is going to cost more than some printers cost. Darnit. I guess it is five years old though, which is old for a printer.

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Bea said...

I have curtains that have been waiting years to be completed. Rectangles they may be but exciting/enjoyable to make they aren't ;-) Good luck with getting yours finished!