Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shh, it's a secret

Well, SP12 has started (Well, officially it begins on the 15th). The chatter, on Rav and on some blogs, is already going. Brilliant!
My hostess seems great; we’ve already had a lot of contact from her. I’ve had the cutest e-card from my upstream with some cute doggies on. (How did s/he know to avoid cats?) I’ve also been trying to behave myself and not go hunting for someone who could be my pal. I have even decided not to check my blogger stats because there might be something there that gives him/her away. Oh, okay, I’ll probably look. But not yet.
I’ve been fascinated by the information I have found on my spoilee. S/he has good taste, which is cool but makes it all the more daunting for me. I’ve also had an email back from him/her (de-gender-ised in case s/he is reading! If you are, you’re a cheeky so-and-so)

I have a couple of ideas about how to keep secret for longer. We’ll see how they work out.

In other news………actually there is no other news. Life is just happening at the moment. I’ve got a bunch of books on spinning and business (not linked) on order, and I’m scouting out a couple of sewing books I am interested in. I still have some money off at WHSmith so I will have to check there before I buy elsewhere.
No, we are going to “Livestock” again this year. Hopefully I’ll get less drunk than last year (I drank a whole bottle of pink wine and then several cups of random cider. I was grumpy) and hopefully I’ll have my legwarmers ready by then, even if I don’t have any more of an outfit! (eek)

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