Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Oh No!

It looks like my CSI swap parcel may not have made it to the recipient. I posted it on the 12th May – so it’s been three weeks and two days. It is going to the USA – does anyone out there know how long it takes for parcels to get from the UK to the USA normally? Is over three weeks longer than usual? I feel so bad, I put so many nice things in the parcel, it would be such a shame for it not to arrive.
What would you do if you sent a parcel which got lost in the post? Would you make a new parcel?

I’ll keep hoping for a little while longer – my OH has ordered things from Ebay in the US and it’s taken four weeks or more to get those sometimes. I’m still waiting for an Ebay purchase I made (though only about a week ago now) which is from the US. My first international purchase!

I will have to consider getting some kind of tracking or insurance for my SP parcels when that begins, though I don’t know yet whether my pal(s) will be in the country or not.

So, please all cross your fingers that my CSI pal gets his parcel, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed too!

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