Friday, June 06, 2008

Dead giveaway for my CSI Swap Pal

So, I found out what happened to my CSI Pal’s parcel! Yey!
My CSI pal lives in Athens, Alabama. That’s in the USA.
The parcel was sent to Athens, Greece.
It clearly says on it Alabama, and some idiot has crossed it out, circled Athens and then it went to Greece.
It’s now some well travelled stuff!

How irritating.

So, for any of you sending packages to the United States where the town/city also has an address in Europe, putting the state and zip code is not enough - you will also need to put the country. I thought it was obvious that Alabama was in America, but clearly it is not.
So, if you need to send packages to Athens Alabama (not Greece), Birmingham Massachusetts (not West Midlands), Manchester New Hampshire (not Lancashire), anywhere in Georgia USA (rather than the ex-Soviet state), and no doubt thousands more, make sure that you write, in MASSIVE letters that you’re trying to get the parcel to the USA


And, annoyingly, the box has been a bit battered, so I have to buy a new box.

UPDATE: I’ve posted the parcel in a nice new box, and I’m off back to see the man at the Royal Mail about getting a refund for the first one, tonight…

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Mia said...

How funny! There's a song about falling in love in exotic places like Rome (Georgia), Athens (Texas), and Paris (Tennessee). Now I've got that tune in my head :)

I'm sure your pal will love the package all the more since it's also a sophisticated world traveler.