Friday, June 13, 2008

SP12 – Q' of the week! (13 June 2008)

What is your favourite summertime drink??

What do I like to drink in the summer? Well now, that all depends on what I’m doing! If we’re talking a nice refreshing drink while I’m sunbathing in the garden then it would have to be real lemonade - you know, the kind that is pale yellow and not fizzy. Yum.
If I’m relaxing in a pub garden with some friends on a warm summer evening then I’d probably opt for a gin and tonic (slim line, no ice) which is summer in a glass!
When I am on holiday I like to drink cocktails, so I’d have a tequila sunrise or margarita (anything with tequila in!!)
However, if it’s your typical British summer, I would probably want to cosy down with a nice cup of tea preferably Yorkshire Tea (you can get two cups from one bag, you know) or some nice Earl Grey.

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Liz said...

Mmmm real lemonade, like you get from barrows at country fairs!! Just reading that made my mouth water!