Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Thinking about a hair cut again.
I know, it’s not that long since I had it re-styled, but to be honest I am not getting on with it. If I don’t have at least 20 minutes to dry it in a morning then it goes all over the shop. It curls in silly directions; it sticks out, if I tuck it behind my ears it still sticks out. So I clip it back, in which case I might as well not have it this long! The fringe is a waste of time because I just brush it off to the side. I do like having enough hair to curl it, or whatever, but if I am honest I really don’t do that sort of thing often enough to merit it! I always prefer it when it’s short.

I look back through the pictures I have of me, right from the blonde curls I had on my holiday in Spain in 1999 (I look very odd then!) to the long black hair I have in my picture with PTerry. and I always think that I prefer the pictures where I have shorter hair. I do have more pictures where my hair is short, but – well, I prefer those.

Because Flickr and Blogger aren’t talking, there’s no more pics – grr.

So, I guess when you think about it, I’ve always had short hair! Part of the reasoning is that I really can’t be bothered with ages of styling, I like to be able to get out of the shower, scrub my hair with a towel, perhaps comb it and then leave the house! Once it gets past a couple of inches long it needs a much longer routine! Dull! And, short hair doesn’t go flat, it doesn’t matter if I dye it a silly colour because it will not be that way for long.
Perhaps I should take in the picture of when I liked it so that I can show them what to do, because finding the style in a magazine is like finding rocking horse poo.

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