Monday, June 09, 2008

So Much Coolness!

On Saturday we made a trip to the Farmer’s Cart, one of the local Farm Shops. It’s my favourite of the two we go to, and we had extra reason to go because they were shearing the sheep there this weekend. The weather was pleasant and we stayed for lunch (I had one of the best carrot and coriander soups I have had ever!) and dessert, and then we did some shopping too. We bought some lovely local free range chicken, some pork loin and some minced beef. Easily enough for the week!
We also got to see the guinea pigs and rabbits, the piglets (aww), goats, sheep and the pony. I think the donkey that made the nasty mark on my other jeans was also there, but he wasn’t being friendly.
Ans we had a go on a tombola. OH and I both got a winner, some bucks fizz and a painting of York Minster from on the wall outside where I work!

The trip to see the sheep shearing inspired me, and I actually got out my “learn to spin” kit from Nancy’s Knit-nacks. It came with a little bit of fibre, a drop spindle and an instructional DVD.
First I tried “worsted” spinning. Then I tried “woollen” spinning. I got on better with the second way, but that could be because I had already done some spinning. In any case, I now have 4.3 yards of what could be described as Yarn Barf (or “Designer yarn”), plus a further 8.6 yards of what is almost decent yarn. (and a bit more on the spindle still)
And I’m hooked.
Completely, I spent most of Sunday (once I had spun all the fibre I had) searching the internet for online suppliers of not only fibre, but fleece and even spinning wheels. I think I will hang fire on the wheel until I get to grips with the spindle properly. Then I’ll save up and buy one of the cheaper wheels (I quite like the Ashford Kiwi, and it’s not the most expensive!).
Of course, that means I’m researching fibre and looking for good books (Spin to Knit has been recommended so far, I’m considering that!)
I also have been knitting some legwarmers (which seem to have warded off the bad weather so far). I’m using the random Greek wool that I used for the Evening Star shrug (all that time ago!) because I still have loads. It’s knitting up really nicely! It’s a 50% wool/acrylic mix, which I don’t usually go for – I prefer to get a higher wool percentage, and possibly superwash. However, this is soft and smooth and pretty! I don’t know how it washes yet (I haven’t dared wash the shrug!!) but with a fairly high man-made-fibre content, it should be fine.

Secret Pal 12 has begun! I am quite excited about it! I had lots of fun in SP11, and I hope that this round is as much fun. Which reminds me – I am planning on donating something for one of the contests, I just have to decide what, and get it in the post!!

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