Monday, June 02, 2008

Not dead, just busy.

OH’s parents were down for the bank holiday.
We went to Harrogate,
 Moor Chicks 5 by Hayzee C, on Flickr Knaresborough,
 Sarah, Me and Tony by Hayzee C, on Flickr put up a gate,
visited the castle museum in York,
went shopping (at least once),
bought and put up trellis,
painted said trellis,
went to a sheep shearing demonstration
 Sheep Shearing 9 by Hayzee C, on Flickr and saw lots of young birds.
 Goslings 3 by Hayzee C, on Flickr
Then this weekend we said goodbye to the Welshman,
I worked on Saturday (boo)
and we painted the gate,
then yesterday we did shopping, went to the gym and went to watch Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

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