Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Post with no name

Do you tweet? I do now. I’ve joined twitter. It’s mostly pointless nonsense, like facebook but without the other stuff, just the status updates. I gather I can post some of my updates to Rav too, but I don’t know how, I’ll have to find the post about that. If you do tweet, comment (or email me) with your twitter name!

My needles for Corsica arrived. I must confess, I have knit a swatch. Normally I don’t swatch, but I do have good reason to this time:
  1. the yarn is a different weight than the pattern calls for
  2. the yarn is Noro – other Noro yarns have bloomed quite a lot when washed
  3. the pattern starts with a sideways cable band, so I can’t use that as a swatch
I’ve only done a shade over 4 inches wide by 2 deep. I’m getting gauge but it looks a little loose. Sadly, I don’t have any 5.5mm 80cm circs (I had to buy the 6mm 80cm ones!) so if I’m not happy with the swatch after I wash it then I might have to consider my options. I could swatch on some other 5.5mm needles…

Anyway, I was reading my usual blog list, and spotted Britknitter’s Gratitude List and thought it was a really nice idea. A way of making you feel good about yourself by thinking about the things you have to be grateful about. So here’s mine.
  1. My Boyfriend. He understands my yarn habit, he encourages me in life when I need it and has the most reassuring hug
  2. My Family. Yes, they occasionally drive me nuts, but they are there no matter what. If I feel crappy, or happy, they’ll pick up the phone and laugh with me; even when I feel crappy because they cheer me up!
  3. My Friends. Especially the ones who even after a long break of not seeing them are just the same even if they’re different.
  4. My knitting group. I know some of you read here, and you have no idea how much I appreciate you guys!
  5. Knitting. I love having a productive hobby!
  6. Knitbloggers. I have an array of knitblogs that I read. They take the edge off an otherwise rubbish day.
  7. Green People Lip Care, because I have a habit of picking my lips when I’m stressed and bleeding lips are not attractive.
  8. My bath. I couldn’t do without a decent bath. My bath has its flaws, but it allows me to have a long soak in deep bubbly water with candles (on coasters, safety first) (add a G&T or a large wine and I’m properly indulged!)
  9. My job. It sucks, but at least I have one.
  10. You, the reader. For surfing on in here and bothering to read my ramblings!

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Dianne said...

That's a great list! I agree with you on each and every one. That is, if "Green People Lip Care" is anything like our Chapstick. I'm totally addicted!