Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sweater Progress

There's going to be a lot of this over the coming months.
I've knit some on the sweater though, using the 5mm needles and the Cash Iroha. I think it looks pretty good so far. Corsica - 16 rows of cable (The pink is my provisional cast on. There are probably better ways but this works for me)
I'm finding the cable a challenge, but not too daunting. I'm sure that when I'm less tired it will be much easier! Also, when I get my new specs that should help (more about that on Wednesday when it happens)
I love the colour. It's odd, I've spent so long wearing pink and brown that I had forgotten about green, and then I go knit a bunch of things with green in them! (Okay, so just the shawl and this sweater...)

I've also sent off my scarf for the UKarma Travelling scarf. Corsica - 16 rows of cable I'll be getting it back in 13x2 weeks (26 weeks, 6-and-a-half months) when it will be complete! Very exciting! I'll also be knitting on 13 other people's scarves during that time.

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Dianne said...

Wow! Just looking at that chart for the cables makes my brain hurt!