Monday, January 19, 2009

Miserable Monday?

They say that today is “blue Monday”.
We’re still over a week from payday, but the bills from Christmas are all here. It’s cold, wet and miserable – weather wise. It’s just long enough for everyone to have broken their new year’s resolutions (not me!) and there’s a credit crunch.

What’s funny, though, is that I was feeling pretty positive this morning (actually, I still am!) even though I’m not going to have time for lunch today (meetings always end up at lunchtime, and this one requires a 45 minute bus journey first. Sigh. At least I can knit on the bus, eh?) We already have dinner tonight sorted, and so we might even make it to the gym. And, despite the man who was smashing off wing mirrors at 1:30am, ours wasn’t touched, so we still have an in-tact car! (well, as far as I could see!)

Well, I have work to do. Have a Great Monday, sod what the newsreaders say!

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