Thursday, January 01, 2009

Better Late than Never...

So, as promised, 27 things I've achieved/done in my 27th year...

  1. Donated to a charity each month by DD
  2. Donated to Tricoteuses Sans Frontières
  3. Made some curtains
  4. Visited Bruges
  5. Bought an Apple Macbook
  6. Knit my first sweater
  7. Got the Polo through its MOT
  8. Still a size 12!
  9. Met up with some knitters from Ravelry
  10. Started a knit night!
  11. Published my first knitting design
  12. Learnt to spin on a drop spindle
  13. Created a group on Ravelry
  14. Got two new hamsters, Rowan and Aran
  15. Brushed up on my French
  16. Met OH's French Family
  17. Switched to Organic Free Range eggs, mayo, chickens…etc
  18. hand-baked bread, and finally bought a bread maker
  19. Participated in 5 different swaps (CSI, Discworld Luggage, Secret Pal 12, Music with Sox in, Secret Santa)
  20. Created 26 knitted (or crocheted) items, including 13 gifts
  21. Made three dresses for various occasions
  22. Organised a Knit Along
  23. Learnt to make beaded jewellery
  24. Started to pay off the mortgage!
  25. Planted mint in the garden (my first herbs) and cooked with it!
  26. Painted the new gate green (I can't claim to have put the gate up though)
  27. Got organised at work so that I could have a holiday on my Birthday :-)

1 comment:

Kate said...

You've acomplished more in 27 years than I have in 41.

Happy new Year!!!