Thursday, January 08, 2009

Time to be Cheerful!

Well, after the down that was my last post, I thought I’d hop off the depressing work resolution and look on the bright side for a while (at least for one post!)
Thank you for the comments though to BluePURPLEstocking and my Sister, they’re much appreciated.

So, first knitted item of the year is completed! Okay, so I cast them on in 2008, but still, I think that the (Mostly) No Purl Monkeys count as my first FO of the year. I’m wearing them right now! They’re lovely and comfy, though they still smell a little of Kool-Aid which is disturbing (and I might end up with pink feet…)

A long time ago I mentioned that 2009 is the Year Of Natural Fibres!
In honour of this, here are some links to some natural fibre clothing companies here in the UK:
  • Howies - they have loads of cotton and merino garments, all ethically sourced and made as close to the UK as they can. They’re not cheap, but there is a sale on.
  • Seasalt Cornwall - again it’s all organic as well as ethical. A little cheaper than Howies, and also having a sale right now!
  • No Sweat UK are sweatshop free as well as being fair-trade and (I think) organic
  • Bam – bamboo clothing. Lovely and soft, bamboo has been around for years but now is showing its potential as a green clothing fibre.


Josie said...

Its Purplestocking :P

The no Purl Monkeys look great :)

Josie said...

Last time I was in cornwall I went into Seasalt in Truro. They had some really nice stuff and they were running a project to get people to knit scarves for charity. I thought it was really cool :)