Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mostly Knitting

I’m on the last repeat of the shawl. I’ve done some maths and I think that after this one I wouldn’t have enough yarn for another repeat plus the 8 finishing rows and the two row cast off. I’m really excited to block it and see how it looks! The colours are amazing, there’s no other way of putting it! I think I’ve learnt a lot from this project too, about reading my knitting and correcting mistakes without tinking (knitting backwards, un-knitting) or ripping back to a lifeline. Incidentally, I haven’t used a lifeline either. Touch wood, it’s been fine! There were a couple of moments when I thought I should have, but I’ve recovered from both problems!

Once the Shawl is finished I plan to cast on for Corsica. I should also work on the cardigan for mum. Maybe now I’m a bit better at reading my work I’ll be able to do it justice.

As it’s knit-night tonight I will probably be working on the baby jacket for JJ’s baby. I believe that it’s due any time now. I hope he’s not holding on until the sweater is finished! It’s looking so cute now though, I’m on the left front. Then I have two lace panels to knit and if there’s enough yarn left I might make a matching hat. I also need to buy buttons, so I’ll be making a trip to Duttons soon I think. The elephant isn’t going to be ready in time.

I’m also progressing well with my Violet Green Knit-a-long socks. I’m at the heel flap now. I’ve decided on two pattern repeats (like in the picture on the pattern) which is about long enough. After blocking it should be spot on. It’s such a funky pattern too! it came in the kit (pictured) as a gift from Not-MIL for my birthday. It’s not quite as dark as in this picture. The needles are nice, though I am used to shorter ones I have got on with these well so far. They have a good weight to them. I like it when I get to the heel flap, it feels like I’ve made progress.

The KAL is going well on ravelry too, we’ve got lots of participants and everyone seems to be joining in. Some people knit much faster than me, and some have more time for knitting, so there are already finished objects available for the KAL, which is pretty inspiring. It does make me wonder about upgrading the socks from lunchtime knitting – which I might have to do if I want to finish them by January 31st! Argh!

In non-knitting news, there isn’t much going on. The gym is going okay (updates are on the diet blog) and I’m not disliking any of the workout, even though push ups are really hard, even “lady push ups” where you do them on the flat bit of muscle above the knee (not on your knees, that’s really bad for the joint, and means you can cheat by using your legs)

I mentioned the disturbance last night with the wing mirror smashing (it happens about this time every year, oddly) and it seems that it was a good job that we fold our (red) mirror in. (our car is green).
When we came back from the gym there were at least four cars on the street without wing mirrors on that side. That’s just the ones who were willing to park on the street again! I’m pleased we don’t need to replace the wing mirror again, who knows what colour we’d end up with!

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