Saturday, January 05, 2008

Curtain success part 1

So, we finally went to buy some material for curtains. Hooray!
We started out looking at some luscious material. It was exactly what we wanted and we agreed on it. But it was quite dear. In fact it was £14.99/m. We needed a total of 20m of fabric for what we’re trying to achieve. So, we had to rethink, because that was an expensive bundle of material, especially when it didn’t include voile (net curtains) and linings.
Well, we ummed, we aah’d. We went for a cuppa. We ummed and aah’d some more. We took some samples and left. We tried some other haberdashers. We compared the colours of the swatches to the sofa. Finally, we settled. Yes, we did like the new stuff we’d found, and it was less than half the price of the other material. So we bought it. 12m of brown, 8m of cream, 8m of lining, 3m of voile and 12m of curtain tape. Or so.
I’ll shoot some photos as it progresses.

And so now I have lots of material and a brief to make some nice curtains for the lounge.
If there’s left over material I might manage some cushion covers to match, which would be nice.

But, before I begin on the curtains I’m felting the teeny tiny tote. (Or Ickle Bag, as I’ve called mine)
It’s in the washer in an old pillowcase on a 95° cycle with an old pair of jeans. I hope the jeans don’t run as I love the colour. It’s such a pretty pinky-red colour. The jeans are second-hand and are the ones we adapted for L for the PTH where we were “Flares”

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