Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stretched, Cold and Wet

So, Mummy’s Matching Hat is finished. Hooray! I’ll be posting pictures etc on the FO blog this evening. (we took photos last night but I was tired and so didn’t bother uploading them.)
It looks pretty good, I pretty much made-up the pattern! I hope that mum likes it, I’m going to pop it in the post tomorrow all being well. So the photos are of it on me, and mum’s head is a little smaller than mine. Anyway, you’ll see.

Last night we went to pilates again. We’ve signed up for another term (6 lessons) but we’re going to miss the one on the 11th as we’re not here. After the 6 weeks they are going to stop running the sessions we go to. They’re going to start up “fitness pilates” whatever that is. I gather it’s faster than normal pilates. Hmm. I’m thinking about getting a book on pilates, a pilates band, and a CD of calm music. Then I can do it myself. Okay, we don’t really have space to do pilates in any of our rooms, though in the lounge we might just about manage it. The trouble is that I haven’t got back into going to the gym. I’m thinking about going back to road running – pretty much all I do at the gym is run on the treadmill. I do some weights and stretching exercises that I can do at home (with some small dumbbells and a gym ball, which we own already) and so it seems a little silly to pay so much money for a service I don’t really use.

I wish we had a free or heavily subsidised gym through work. You’d think, me working for an insurer, that they’d do that. Still, the other benefits aren’t bad. And this isn’t a rant about work, so I’ll hop off the work talk.

I’m going to pick up my new book from WHSmith today. This is the one (or one of the ones) I ordered from Amazon but they failed to deliver due to using HDNL. Anyway, for a whole extra quid I have got it delivered to the WHSmith store in town. It took them two working days to get it there, and they sent me an email to tell me it was there. What more could I ask? To be honest, home delivery can be a pain because I’m usually not in. if I was at home all day then HDNL would have been able to deliver, but I would be unable to afford to buy anything because of the extortionate mortgage rates! Anyway, yes. So I’ve bought “The New Complete Guide To Sewing” I am expecting it to be quite a bit of stuff that I already know how to do (I’ve pretty much figured out some stuff myself) but I am hoping that there’ll be some gems which will help me to make more fitted garments (I generally make stretchy things because there’s more room for error!)
I’m looking forwards to it anyway.

While I’m in town, I might have a look to see if Borders have any more US Imported knitting magazines. I saw vogue knitting and interweave knits last time I was in, but neither inspired me to buy them. I’d quite like to get a copy of knitter’s (despite the apostrophe) because the previous one was really interesting, and had lovely patterns in.
There’s one with some free purple dpns in, Lets Knit or Knitting Today or something. I might get that just for the dpns. It also had a baby-patterns book with it. Yey.
Speaking of baby patterns, I’ve leant my mum some needles and patterns and given her some yarn to knit for a small baby due soon. Sigh. I know that she’d love to knit for a future mini-me, but I’m not in that place yet.

In other news, York is flooding again. It’s not too bad at the moment I think. They had a report from next to the Lowther and the Kings Arms opposite the flat we lived in a few years ago. You expect it to flood there though; it floods there every year without fail. If it didn’t flood there in the winter we’d be having a massive drought. Maybe if I get home before it’s too cold and miserable I’ll have a wander to the flooded bits and take some photos. Oh, except for it’s winter and I’m in northern England, so it’s dark from about 4pm. Maybe I’ll take some on my phone then on the way into and back from town this lunch. (if I have to be outside I might as well make the most of it!)
It’s apparently sunny and 6 degrees Celsius (that’s 42F in real money) so it’s not horrible at the moment. It’s slightly warmer than that in Bruges apparently, my friends in Melbourne are enjoying 20 degrees plus (65F ish) as is my aunt in Florida. I’m not grumbling though, it’s below freezing in Toronto where Yarn Harlot is and she has to go outside too!

I wish it was warmer in the office though. I’m frozen! I’m wearing enough clothes, but I am cold. Perhaps a hot drink is in order.

I’m looking forwards to dinner tonight, we’re having steak and chips. Yum. And then I will be sitting and watching CSI and knitting the manly sweater. I hope that I’ll have time to do the update I mentioned in paragraph 1 while the chips are in the oven. Tuesday nights are good for knitting. Unless the CSI is especially engaging, in which case I’ll probably get a row done in each commercial break! Tsk.
Well, back to some proper work for a bit.

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