Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Proper post, and randomness

Proper Post
Who am I kidding? Proper post! Hah! I’m too tired to do a proper post. Christmas was fab, by the way. I got some lovely things, ranging from books to clothes to smellies to crafty things to a sat-nav. I had a nice relaxing time away from everything.
Then, new year and my birthday were much as usual. Not out this year, at home with just The Black and my OH. Very nice Chicken for tea though. Either I’m getting old or something, but new year doesn’t hold much excitement. Hey – look, the world didn’t end and we’ve managed to add 1 to a big number (sorry Chip – I know that’s your sentiment that I’ve pinched)

I’m mostly a little grumpy at the moment. I’m at work, it’s 18:05 and I expect to be here for at least four more hours. Okay, so I didn’t come in until 15:00, but really – night shifts? Grr.
Ho hum.
And it’s cold in the office. Boo. I did bring a thermos with me, with some proper tea in it (not the horrid machine stuff, can’t be having that at this time of night)
Anyroad, enough proper blogging, I’m too shattered. Have some randomness:

I saw the idea on Knitting Mama’s site and couldn’t resist.
The first line of the first post of each month in 2007:

Jan – I would have back dated this post to near-enough the time I was actually 25 (I doubt that the time is exact, you know) but it will not let me.
Feb – You'll all be glad to hear that I went driving again.
Mar – It seems that everyone in the country is complaining about broadband at the moment.
Apr – Knitting is my pastime
May – Last night was my first pilates class.
Jun – As promised, here are the pics of my new storage solution for my yarn stash
Jul – This weekend my parents were visiting to bring us a sofa-bed
Aug – That’s what I’ve been doing!
Sep – I couldn't resist, I went yarn shopping.
Oct – This post is dotted with pictures of flowers, read on and you’ll understand.
Nov – I can’t view my own blog at work today, it tells me that “The Websense category "Emerging Exploits" is filtered” which isn’t ideal.
Dec – Well, SP11 is all but over, I have one parcel to post tomorrow for my downstream.

And, for the fun of it, here’s the last line of the last post of the month for each month in 2007:

Jan – Who knows.
Feb – The odds of me passing my theory, getting a practical test and passing it within the next fortnight are a bit slim!
Mar – Having actual sock yarn should help a lot.
Apr – Who knows; or cares?
May – Have a great day people, the sun’s out and even I am in a good mood!
Jun – I’m looking forwards to being able to see other people’s work, get help on my knitting, find out about other yarn
Jul – Maybe next year!
Aug – Being back at work sucks too, but I have to earn the money to pay for our fun holidays somehow!
Sep – But I do at least get to work with this beautiful yarn.
Oct – It’s annoying to have people doing that nearby and I don’t want to be one of those annoying people!
Nov – I've loved everything you've sent, and I'm looking forwards to doing lots of "me knitting" once Christmas knitting is done!
Dec – Learnt what a "French seam" is

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