Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Not 24 hours and more sock yarn

Last night I was online longer than planned which meant that we were late going to the supermarket. Normally on a Monday we would go to pilates and then go to Morrisons after. However, last night we discovered that it shuts at 9pm. No problem, we’ll go round the corner to Sainsbury’s – right? Wrong. Sainsbury’s shut at 8pm. So, we drove to the shopping park to the other Sainsbury’s. that shuts at 10pm, but as it was only 9:20pm we had enough time to dash round and buy stuff.
Who would think – not open 24hours? How bizarre! I wouldn’t have believed it if I wasn’t there.

We did buy lots of locally sourced veg again though. (by local I mean UK. Lots of it was Cornwall and – for some reason – Scotland. The leeks were from Cambridge and the parsnips and carrots from Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.)

Pair o' Socks again Anyway, while I was online before the shopping happened, I found a new e-bay seller who was selling Opal Feelings. She had some 1702 (the shade I have previously used, in the pic) and also 1706 which I like the look of. I dropped her a note about combining postage. We’ve sorted it out and the yarn is winging it’s way to me now!

However, I still have two 100g balls of burgundy sock yarn, two 50g balls of coffee-coloured (for L’s Earl-Grey socks), one ball each of brown, orange/brown and green (from the Harrogate S&C) and half-a-ball of the Opal Feelings I already have. Also I have some lovely alpaca mix sock yarn from SP11 and some nice 100% wool, both in hanks rather than balls. And yet only one set of sock needles…
And that’s a lot of sock yarn
Well, I’ve been told that sock yarn doesn’t count towards the size of your stash, so that’s some good news at least. And I am looking forwards to knitting some more socks.
Sadly, though, I think I’m going to give up on the gypsy socks for the time being. After making the mistake I couldn’t fix and having to rip back the whole sock (I was only on sock 1) I guess I will put that aside and move on to the socks for L. Socks are nicely portable at least.

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