Monday, January 21, 2008

Stuff happened this weekend.

I put up the first pair of curtains for the lounge. I have to hem the other pair and we’ll be half-way there. Photos to come, eventually.
I made progress on Mum’s hat
 Mum's Hat Band 01 This is the band on my head (sorry I look rough!), I’ve since picked up the stitches around the top of the band and knit in the round in k2p2 rib for quite a bit. I’ve done some decreases, but it’s not quite done yet. I reckon I’ll finish it tonight, and then get back to L’s manly sweater.

Mum and dad came to visit on Sunday to show us their new car. While we were out there looking at it, we spotted a slightly dodgy looking car in the car park. I took the number of the car and called the non-emergency line for the police. The lady on the line was very friendly and helpful. She confirmed that the car had been stolen and thanked me for reporting it. I’ve done my bit for society this weekend!

We’ve booked a holiday now too. I’m very excited about it! we’re going to Bruges (aka Brugge). We were originally going to go on the Eurostar, but the times weren’t convenient and getting to London is more of a pain than getting to Hull. So we’re going on the ferry instead! We’ve booked a night on the ferry (going there) two nights in a hotel (in Bruges) and then a night on the ferry coming back. It’s quite exciting! Also, L’s said that we can go to the yarn shops in Bruges as well as to the lace museum! Wow. There’s so much to see and do though, I doubt we’ll cram it all in. The hotel deal is very good too, but I’ll tell you all about it when we’ve been.
We’re leaving the Sunday before L’s birthday, and coming back on Valentine’s day morning.

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kasiaiscarly said...

I'm jealous you have a Holiday coming up! We are in a rut due to a horrid lack of vacation time in Jake's job :(