Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Widget

I’ve added another doody widget over in my side-bar. Even you non-knitters might be vaguely impressed! It’s progress bars from my ravelry site. Their resident code monkey, Casey [link only works for Ravelry users while it’s in beta], has created a widget to show my project progress and also the current picture of the project. I then did a bit of faffing with it to get it to look like that (notably making the bars pink and making it in two columns). If you read me through a reader, you’ll be missing out. I tried sticking it in the code for this post, but it didn't work so if you do read through a reader you'll have to visit!

This has left me with a dilemma. I currently have 5 projects on the go. As you can see, that leaves me with a wonkey looking side-bar. So, I’m going to have to:
  1. Make sure to have pictures for my projects to prevent wonkiness that way
  2. Make sure to always be working on an even number of projects
That should do it, I hope!

I also discovered This essay on how nerds work. Now “nerd” is not a word I associate with.
I’ll try to explain (though I’m not sure I can).
I am a Geek. I know I am a Geek. It is not possible to be a Geek without knowing that you are a Geek.
Being a Nerd is not cool. I don’t know why. I guess it’s a local thing. So, when I see Nerd, if it’s a funny or interesting article which could be about a Geek, I mentally switch it.
And clearly, the article is about being a Geek, not a Nerd. :-P

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